Rasax cloud integration (No reply from bot)

Hi, I am having some problems using Ubuntu:18.04LTS, rasa-x:0.28.3, rasa-production:1.10.0, python:2.7, docker:19.03.8 but on rasax-UI in “Talk to your bot” whenever I chat with bot it is stuck on reply processing stage i.e. the bubbles are there but no response from bot. Similarly conversations tab gives error “There was an error loading messages and polling has been stopped” Kindly guide.

Hi, we had the same issue here today, but solved it by disabling Adblocker for Rasa-X according to: Unable to understand or get around the "restart polling" error in Rasa X .

Maybe this can help you too

I’m having the same issue but disabling adblocker did not help.