Bug in displaying responses in the Talk to your Bot UI on Rasa-X


I’ve installed Rasa in a remote server that I have access through SSH with port tunnelling to 5002 so I can open the Rasa X UI. However, when I try to use the “Talk to your bot” feature, the bot response to my intents isn’t rendered and the 3 dots bubble stays forever, even if the POST request to /chat has been successfully received. if I want to see the latest bot responses on the UI, I always need to refresh the page for each response.

What could be the problem? This issue does not happen when running Rasa X locally.

Did you check the Console, are there any errors in there?

Did you try with Chrome?

There are no errors in the console. I’ve tested it on both Chrome and Firefox

@gausie do you have an idea where this might be coming from?

santiago que programa estas usando para impeccionar la red ?

@santteegt I’m seeing the same error. I think it’s a bug on the GUI. I’ve filed it here: Web chat unresponsive; API fine, other channels fine · Issue #4479 · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub. I think it might be good if you also comment on that issue.

Hi, any update to this issue, we have a same kind of problem. AV