Rasa x suddenly stopped replying

Hey, i had deployed chatbot on ec2 instance using docker, it was working fine. But i made some changes to my local git repo in domain file and expected the change would reflect on rasa x UI as i did integrated version control. But the change was not reflecting, so i thought of training a new model to be able to see the changes but after training new model, the chatbot stopped replying, no replies are seen. I can see error in rasa_production and rasa_worker logs. Not able to figure out what could cause this sudden issue as the bot was working fine before. Please help

Review the logs from train to see if there were errors and if not, then look at the rasa-production logs.

Hi, i had looked at the logs but could not find any solution. I think the intent is predicted correctly but the response is not displaying. earlier it was working fine, i also have the previous trained model and also changed the domain to original file but still no response can be seen with original structure when everything was working fine. Please find the logs for rasa-production and rasa-x attached in debug mode. Not sure how to get train logs to check for errors. I think its some pika error which i am not sure about about.

rasa-production logs (9.9 KB) rasa-x logs (45.5 KB)

Also attaching the rasa-production and rasa-worker logs in no debug mode. rasa-worker logs without debug (2.9 KB) rasa-production logs without debug (3.1 KB)