User messages disappeare in Rasa X 0.35

I have deployed Rasa X 0.35 and Rasa OpenSource 2.0.3 with Docker Compose, the problem I have is that the user messages appear for a second and then disappear. Not even in the conversation history they appear, the conversation is saved only with the responses of the chatbot. The NLU and the Core are doing things well because the chatbot’s answers are correct, it seems to be a rasa x problem. I have tried with Rasa X in local mode and the problem doesnt exist. It works perfectly in my local machine. What I can do? I have already thoroughly reviewed the data and have no idea what could be causing that behavior. I would really appreciate any clue thx in advance Ana

Hi all! My problem persists even when I updated rasa

production 2.4.0
worker 2.4.0
rasa-x 0.38.0

Here you can find attach the files, I wanted to build a faq assistant without action server, rule based. I have another question: if my assistant is rule based does it need a core training, does it need stories? thankyou! data_files.tar.gz (30.0 KB)


I have a couple questions to help with the investigation.

  • Where are you deploying Rasa X? (on a server, local computer, …etc.)
  • What OS are you using? (Ubuntu, …, Windows server, …etc.)

hi @Arjaan! On a server Ubuntu 18.04

As I said before, in Rasa X in my local machine it works perfectly where do I find any logs? what should I look for? thx a lot Ana