Rasax not showing user questions

Hi all! my chatbot is developed under RasaX 0.35 Right now it is not showing nor storing testers questions, it does show the correct answer, but the testers demand doesn’t appear. Please, would someone tell me what should I check? any ideas? thx

Hey, sorry for the late reply. Is this issue still relevant? To better help with your problem, could share your rasa version as well? This maybe an issue with Rasa X 0.35.0, but I am no 100% sure. Did you try the latest version of Rasa X?

Hi, yes I tried the latest version of rasa. I also try with the kubernetes server, I tried a brand new start and still persists the error. thx for your time!

rasa production “2.4.0” worker “2.4.0” rasa-x “0.38.0” keys 0 alg “RS256”