Conversation missing in RASA X


I am using RASA X to annotate and test my bot. However, I noticed that the conversation history before action_restart is missing from the conversation history. Please refer to screenshot for the interactive learning chat and conversation history. Any idea what is wrong?

My RASA and RASA X version are


Talk to your bot (Interactive Learning)


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@KHTee please try a long conversation with the bot and then check? If the issue persist do let us know.

Hi @nik202 ,

Yes, same issue when I restart after a longer conversation (>10 messages).

The “Conversations” tab splits conversations into multiple tabs.

Look at the left of your screen, which you did not include in your pictures. Can you see a list of conversations?

If not, did you delete your tracker store? By default, it’s the .db files, which contain all your conversation data.

@KHTee can you tell how you installed the rasa x ?

@ChrisRahme Yes, there is a list of conversations. However, only one conversation for each unique ID.

@nik202 I’m using the docker-compose method as per this guide.

@KHTee as per my knowledge there is no version supporting docker-compose for rasa x. Ref: Introduction to Rasa X

If you are using docker-compose I’d recommend downgrading to 0.42.5, hope this will solve your issue.

Good Luck!

@ChrisRahme this is the issue I was talking to you about last time and yet now an update from Rasa Team!

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hello, @alexweidauer do we have such installation support for Rasa X as shown on this link : Docker Compose Installation

Many thanks.