Problems with Conversations and NLU Inbox


I have deployed a chatbot using docker-compose and rasa-x. I have successfully been able to connect it to channels (ex. telegram) which work using this deployment.

I have downloaded rasa-x using the instructions in the following link: Installation Guide. I have also connected Rasa-X successfully to my github repository and I am able to train my model and see my NLU data and configurations.

My problem is that the conversations in the Rasa-X GUI are not working. As shown in the image, there is no response from the bot.

I have been testing the bot using my telegram connection but unfortunately, I am not able to view this conversation later in the Rasa-X Conversations section. There is only one conversation that shows up from last week even though I have been testing my bot every day since then. I also am not receiving any messages in the NLU Inbox.


I have tried two different versions (the second time by changing the settings in .env and updating the docker images) where conversations on the UI are not working, so I suspect it’s not a problem with the version.

1st version: Rasa-X 0.35.1, Rasa 2.2.9
2nd version: Rasa-X 0.37.0, Rasa 2.3.1

Could any one guide me in the right direction? Could this possibly have something to do with the tracker store or the endpoints.yml file?

Best regards, Robyn