The Conversations page seems to be broken?

I installed yesterday right after the announcement.

Most things work (based on my understanding of RASA) but the conversations page only has one entry (after many conversations held with the bot) and the page tries to pull updates using the endpoint http://localhost:5002/conversations/undefined

Is there something that I can check to give you more info about this issue?

Glad you got the chance to try out rasa x already! When you say many conversations held with the bot, what do you mean exactly? If you’re talking about conversations you’ve had yourself within the UI, those will show up under “Talk to your bot”

As for /conversations/undefined – hm, they should be empty if you’ve had no one else have a conversation with your bot yet

My bad. I did not know that the conversations tab will only show conversations that happened outside of my current session. I assumed that the Talk to your bot section will pop up under conversations. What I got instead was a blank conversation entry.

I created a share link, opened it up in another browser window and I can see that conversation now.

Thank you.

Awesome :slight_smile: