Rasa X Conversation History is not working

I have updated rasa x version from rasa_x 0.26.2 to the latest version rasa-x 0.28.3. After updating the version, conversations are not getting updated but I able to get tester conversation history.Whatever conversation made in rasa x is not getting updated in conversation.conv

To be clear, are you saying conversations in Talk to your bot aren’t showing in the Conversations page, but those from Share your bot are?

Yeah you are right

Okay. I believe that is a bug in the current patch version, that we’re aware of and working on!

Has this been fixed? This is also affecting my bot.

Hi Ella, could you please share the github issue reference if it’s opened already?

Any updates on this?

I am currently having the same issue.

I have tried two Rasa X versions and it has not changed.

Hi @robynbitner, can you give me more details? I just tried out interactive learning on rasa x 0.37 and have no issues seeing the conversation in the conversations screen. What versions are you using?