Rasa X Conversations page always EMPTY?

I’ve just created a new application by " rasa init" and “rasa x”, then on the Conversions page I generated a test link and open a new tab to start a chat. After that, I went back to the Conversions page expecting to see a new conversion history, but there was nothing. (According to the demo in Rasa X Product Announcement, it did this) Wondering what I did wrong…

OS: ubuntu 18.04 64bit rasa --version: 1.0.1 Steps:

  1. pip install rasa-x --extra-index-url Simple Index
  2. mkdir rasax & cd rasax
  3. rasa init
  4. rasa x --debug Please see attached log.txt.log.txt (17.5 KB)

Same here. Looks like a bug. I also always get a nag screen if I’m about to start a new project or want to import an existing one.

Hey @MingL0L and @jkohl. The conversations tab will be empty until someone actually tests your bot - has a conversation with your assistant after your share a link to you bot with them or if you test it yourself. Can you confirm that you have done that?

Stories tab will have the data there because it contains the initial stories you trained your models on, that’s why they are there :slight_smile:

I had the same issue. Maybe there needs to be a message on that empty screen to explain when you get the first conversation listed?

Hey Juste @Juste, I did share a link and i used it to test it myself.

Hello. I am also experiencing this. I run Rasa X locally and try to train the bot in the “Talk to your bot” tab but I’m not seeing any of my prior conversations listed. Any updates on this? Do you have a link to the bug that you can post?

Go to http://localhost:5002/conversations

Click on the share icon.

Pick up the link and open it in a new browser.

Have a conversation there.

It will show back at http://localhost:5002/conversations

Talk to your bot conversations will not show on your conversations page.

As explained here -> http://forum.rasa.com/t/rasa-x-conversations-page-always-empty/10600/4

@nickopris thanks for the tip! Would be nice to see some documentation explicitly call out that you must share the link and open in a new browser/session to accomplish this. Based on what @Juste said above, particularly the " or if you test it yourself." part, I was lead to believe that the “Talk to your bot” tab was used to build conversational artifacts, now I see that it’s more just a live debugger.

I agree we could make our docs clearer about that, and we will do so soon :slight_smile: but yeah, the “talk to your bot” screen is for you personally and the “share your bot” for external users. You can debug your conversation the same way as you can any external conversations

i get the message Error: Requested URL /guest/conversations/production/9823a9461dea4a9ea8d56662c491cb68 not found

can you please share what i am doing wrong?

I have a similar issue. Rasa X is running but conversations show 0, even though I have a lot of them in my tracker.db file. I followed the advice to share assistant link. The link would show the conversation, however, when I go back to RasaX its still empty and in debug mode it shows:

http://localhost:5002/api/conversationIntents {“reasons”:[“Authorization header not present.”],“exception”:“Unauthorized”}

Where should I set the authorization header and why? I’m using RasaX in local mode on my server

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I was having the same problem, but it was related to my session information. Conversations from pasting the share link in a different browser tab don’t show up in conversations, because they are happening in the same session I’m logged into Rasa X with.

I had to open a different browser or use an incognito or private tab for them to appear.

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