Conversation files not showing


I have a problem with rasa x. I was able no install it properly no problem, i used the rasa init to start a new project and just rewrite all my files from old project in the right place. Everything work fine except the conversation page where i cannot see my pas conversation.

I didn’t import any past conversation and rasa x created rasa.db and tracker.db inside my project. From what i understand it should be fine and having this two files in my folder would be sufficient for rasa to load the conversation i had in rasa x under talk to bot or am i wrong ?

Also it seems impossible to add an intent directly in rasa x, that would though be very convenient.

Anyway amazing work on that UX thanks guys.

Hey there Julien, if you didn’t migrate anything and rasa.db was empty, then there shouldn’t be anything on the page. I understand you then used talk to your bot – did you try refreshing the conversation page after using talk to your bot?

You get my problem, that is exactly what I did empty page at first then talk with the bot several conversation and I did hit the restart button a few time… Then I refreshed the page, restart rasa x nothing shows… And I checked the .db files they are defenetly not empty…

Also when I start rasa x it ask me each time if I want to import a tracker or use a new one. Don’t know if that helps…

Any further help on that ? i am still stuck… try to create a new project still impossible to see the conversations even when i have a rasa.db and tracker.db file in my project folder from which i run rasa x. Is it right that when you go in rasa x talk to your bot, it should log the conversations ?

Any help will be much appreciated


@JulienKleinmann my apologies, I was misinformed – the Conversations page is where to see all of your external conversations, i.e. where others talk to your bot via “share your bot” or talking to your bot in production. Your history with the bot will always be found on the “talk to your bot” page, it won’t show up in conversations.

okay got it,

it works fine

Thank you

@erohmensing what about the conversations with testers, for instance? I create and share a link. Testers that have a conversation… but none of the conversations are displayed in the Conversations tab/page - it now has a spinner showing it is loading, but no results. I updated Rasa (and X) to the latest version… it used to work on previous versions. Help?

Hm, I’ll look into that @gabriel.becerra

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Do you have any update on this as i am also having the same issue.

Can you please also show how to setup DB here.

Regards, Giri

Hi there @grharsola, do you also not see conversations with testers in the conversations tab?


Yeah I cannot see that.

@grharsola can you post your endpoints.yml please?

I also don’t see my conversations with testers… any clue? @erohmensing

Almost same issue with me: I can see two (testers) conversations, each started on a different day (20191205 and 20200110).

But yesterday and today, neither new conversations nor updated conversations will show up in Rasa x.