Superhero Spotlight: Yogesh Kothiya

Hey Rasa @community,

We have a brand new Superhero Spotlight featuring Yogesh Kothiya! :star::rasasuperhero:

Yogesh began his career as a Chip Design and Verification Engineer, but soon after discovering conversational AI, he decided to leave a well paid and comfortable job to start a new journey in the startup space. He was blown away by the potential of chatbots, which led him to take the plunge, and he has never looked back since.

He is now a Rasa Superhero, running local and online workshops, like a recent one in Hyderabad on how to build an AI chatbot using Rasa and the Zomato API. Additionally, he supports workshops led by other hosts in other cities across India and even finds time to run an AI community, Co-learning lounge, and consult with chatbot startups there.

He has a clear passion for conversational AI, and we very much appreciate his help to spread the message about Rasa and empower other AI makers to create AI assistants through his workshops!

Thank you again @kothiyayogesh, for all of your support!


Congratulations. Good Luck

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