Hi Everyone, Vipul Gaur from New Delhi, India

Hi Everyone - I am Vipul. I am working on various natural language processing projects and implementing chatbot in one of the departments of my org. In my organization, several bots have been developed (custom developed, bought and deployed, and RASA based) and in my specific line of business I am implementing RASA based nanobots.

As of now, POC has cast a good impression on business. Yet to deploy it in production. Some cool things is that in a highly secure enterprise Rasa comes as a great alternative to likes of LUIS, Dialogflow etc.

I am very interested in implementing various nanobot solutions, and how the solution would scale for variety of use cases.

Hi Vipul, Welcome to the community, can you define for me by what do you mean by a nanobot?

Hey @souvikg10 - first of all I want to thank you for sharing your rasa knowledge and code on forum as well as on github

by nanobots i mean that we are separating the models per se as per the domain, it would become extremely difficult to service a diverse user base with a single bot


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Indeed. We call them microbots, so i was intrigued by the naming. How minute are your models?