Ashish Saini joins the Rasa Hero group!

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More great news from our contributor program, we are extremely proud to welcome Ashish Saini @ashus3868 into the Rasa Hero group! :fireworks:

Ashish created his YouTube channel, Innovate Yourself, “for the youngsters who want to learn about the technology and then innovate new things that will be beneficial for the present and the upcoming generations”. Safe to say over the past years he has stuck to this mission!

He now has over 250,000 video views across 140 videos on his channel, many of them detailing the integration of Rasa with other software and even hardware! Some of his popular videos with Rasa are “Building your own Rasa Chatbot with Rasa X”, “Customising Rasa X and how it works” and “How to integrate API in Rasa chatbot for the user”. Find an overview on his website.

His commitment to supporting others in learning about technology is showcased through the various content on his channel - for example, he has made tutorial videos for Python beginners, a series of demo’s face recognition and voice controlled assistants! :man_technologist: :robot:

Check out his channel here, and don’t forget to subscribe if this is just what you’re looking for!

Ashish’s passion for technology, solving problems and sharing this knowledge with others through his self-made platform is a real inspiration. We can’t thank him enough for supporting our community and demonstrating the vast number of ways that Rasa Open Source can be integrated with other platforms. We always wait in anticipation for the premier of a new video. :star_struck:

Thank you, Ashish, for all the time you have spent on your incredible videos and guidance for others.:slight_smile:


Congratulations @ashus3868


Congratulations sir @ashus3868 . Have learnt a lot from your videos.


thank you so much @dhapolapankaj @RBenjaminfranklin @Emma :blush: :blush:

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