Superhero Spotlight: Souvik Ghosh

Hey Rasa @community,

We have a brand new Superhero Spotlight featuring Souvik Ghosh! :tada:

Souvik is a Machine Learning Engineer based in Belgium and has an outstanding track record of supporting our community. He sits comfortably in the top of the ranks on our forum for “most replies” and “:heart:” reactions of all time (only matched by our team!). That’s not all, he is also the only Rasa community member to obtain the Aficionado badge! :star_struck: There is no doubt about his dedication to help out our community of open source developers.

We spoke to him about his current projects, ethical bot development, and transcending language barriers to make AI assistants that work for everyone… He even had time to share some cooking tips!

Thank you for all of your support @souvikg10!


I wish I would also become Super Hero :blush::sunglasses:

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Thank you @souvikg10 for your amazing work and support for the Rasa community! :heart:


We’d be happy to support you on your journey @kiranbeethoju, always feel free to reach out! :superhero:

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@souvikg10 Wow, congratulation!


Congrates @souvikg10

@Emma please create a tag for tagging @everyone or all @super_hero