Hi, I'm your new Developer Advocate!

Greetings Rasa @community,

I am Sonam, your new Developer Advocate at Rasa. I have been working in the area of NLP and fairness in AI. I love to present my work, meet dynamic developers, and research. I am thrilled to join Rasa’s huge and growing community. Being a fan of Rasa contents myself, I know I have some very big shoes to fill-in.

It’s no secret that Rasa hands-down has some of the best content available for understanding transformers and attention, which are the foundation of NLP. Making such high-quality content available to everyone and democratizing AI is something I am very passionate about. I have used Rasa stacks in my projects; their flexibility, and a wide range of use cases, for example, finding the correct information about the market price for farmers, and getting hospital information, shows Rasa truly stands for AI for social good, which has drawn me towards it.

I previously worked as an AI Researcher at Saama technologies, especially in NLP and clinical trials. Before that, I also had a wide range of experience working in startups as a Software Lead and a visiting faculty. In my career, I have led several projects focused on using machine learning cases to solve industrial problems from the oil and gas industry to the pharmaceutical industry of predicting dropout patients in clinical trials. I have also presented my work in NLP at various conferences.

In the future, it’s essential for me to promote social inclusion and fairness in AI, as well as to enable local communities of Rasa to their full potential all over the globe.

I love playing chess, painting, and listening to music when I am not at work. These days I am learning to swim. I also like to learn and read about how humans developed linguistics in the first place. I believe in chatbots; we can build things to make human-machine interactions more realistic.

Thank you everyone for your time, feel free to connect or reach out to us at community@rasa.com. I am always happy to support you in every possible way. I am also delighted to share that I will be presenting my latest paper at Coling 2022(International conference for computational linguistics) workshop in south korea, so if anyone wants to catch up, I would happy to meet.


So excited to have you onboard! :rocket:


Congratulations @sonam

Sorry to bring up a negative right away but it’s proving v. frustrating to get Rasa to only contact me via the contacts i provided, which is via my private email address.

At some point Rasa have clearly gone and looked up my LinkedIn or used some other method to get my work email and they keep using that work address even though I’ve never used it to communicate with you (besides asking that you stop contacting me!) nor have i ever given my consent to use that address (because it is not suitable).

I’ve requested to have the work address removed several times previously but inevitably after a while it returns and Rasa spam me again.

I sent you an email today asking to have that address removed. I hope that will be fine and can be permanently actioned. I would strongly prefer to keep things civil and friendly as I’m a big admirer of what Rasa does and I’m sure that we don’t need to burn bridges / go down the GDPR route!

Kind regards, Neil

Grand Welcome to Rasa @sonam .I think you should listen and solve our problems that is raised in Rasa Community forum. How to train Rasa faster within 1-1.5 min

Removed!! No worries.

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Will look into it.

Hey Sonam,

Welcome to the community. For sure we can assume you to be enabling the Rasa community a lot many fair stakes in the coming future.

Having said that, could you please elaborate your take promoting social inclusion and fairness and what can we expect?

Also, Bravo on learning on the swimming. Its always to great to learn a new exciting activity.



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Hey dsmanish, loved your question. By promoting social inclusion and fairness in AI is making people aware of the issues that models might be having of being biased towards a gender or race, by making educational contents around it. thanks.

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Many thanks! I’ll keep an eye out to make sure that doesn’t get reverted in the future.

Hey Sonam,

Welcome here, would your work about making people aware of bias issues of generative models (e.g. GPT, Blenderbot), or is it more about discriminative models (e.g. Bert, Roberta)?

Have a nice day!

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Thank you for your Question, There are different process of mitigating biases in generative and discriminative models, but the root cause is the biased data, I think we should make efforts in understanding class imbalance in the data, that ultimately cause models to be biased.

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hi @sonam, i am trying to show the form from the bot response against the user input. Can you guide me how can we do it in rasa chatbot? Example : User type login form in user type text area of chatbot. Bot : Bot will response a login form for filling it and submit it inside the chatbot conversation.

Hi Akash, I would suggest to use active and submit form in rules.yml and add responses in domain.yml for more references you can watch, kindly feel free to start a thread further info.

Hi @sonam i have tried it successfully, but i want to do to show a login form at the end of bot response. example : User : say …hi Bot : Bot will show a login form inside the conversation of widget in rasa chatbot. . User : User will fill the form information to the user inside the chatbot conversation and submit it.
bot Reply : Thanku

@akash what is your front end? and what is your use case can you elaborate more for the audience?

I’am trying to launch RASA 2.0 on my new Mac M1 chipset. But till now no luck. I’ve posted in forum also but no answer. Does anyone solved this before? Any idea?

Hi, can you share the link to your forum discussion, thanks