Bot's reply fall behind when it's used by Guess Tester in Rasa X


I have a problem when using the sharing model for guess tester in Rasa X. When a tester type in something, the bot seems to respond (display the dots “…”) but there is no reply appeared. After that, if the tester enter another message, then the bot’s reply for the previous message immediately appear, like it got stuck or something. This continue to happen for the rest of the messages. I use ngrok for local testing.

I would really appreciate any help in this. Thank you.

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Hey @fuih, this is a bug we are currently working on fixing, sorry about that! Just to clarify, does this also happen to you in the “Talk to your bot” tab?

No, the talk to your bot tab is working fine. But it has a problem about displaying buttons that i encountered and posted here: Rasa X does not display buttons

Can you look also look into it for me ? Thank you very much.

Sam is definitely already the person to look into it :slight_smile: I already looked at it and talked to him about it but will comment there!

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Out of interest. Is this the same issue?

Yes @tabularasa, look like the same problem to me.

We are also concern about this problem, can you refer the issue in github about this ? So that I can understand where it come from.