RasaX not giving response correctly / not showing output

RasaX is not showing the response or output for the custom action queries in the UI conversation. I’m using Rasax 1.1.1 and rasa 3.0.12 deployed in kubernetes using helm. Any idea?

I’m getting output for same queries in Interactive learning mode.

@nik202, can you help?

Please share some screenshots, though I am not implemented Rasa X using kub but can see. @arthuer_sundar

I’m getting the response in interactive learning(1st screenshot). In regular chat, i’m not seeing the query and response in the UI. It goes missing after few secs.But i can see the query and response in the trace in developer tools network tab, which means the response is coming from the action server but rasax is not displaying for some reason. let me know if you need any other info

@nik202 ,

Strange, do check on Rasa shell if it’s returning the response? Delete all the trained models and retrain it. Update me then @arthuer_sundar

@nik202 , i’m getting response in rasa shell. I’m getting response for the custom action call in the UI as well. Issue is for interaction learning it is showing the output, but not for normal chat. Tried redeploying rasa and trained new model in the UI but not luck.