Rasa X Simple Install Hangs on Deployment, GCP

I am trying to use the simple install command to deploy rasa X on a GCP instance. However, even after manually fixing the bug I filed here the script hangs on the deployment step.

I can check and see that all the Kubernetes clusters are running, but the health check never returns healthy so the installation never finishes.

Has anyone else encountered this?

The machine specs I have tried are:

  • e2-standard4 and n2-standard4, both have 4 core, 15/16g RAM
  • Ubuntu 20 and 18
  • 100g storage

The simple install script installs rasa X 0.42.6 and rasa open source 2.8.11

the health check of which pod?

The rasa X pod. The check in the deploy script is

wait_for_deployment_to_be_healthy() {
  # Get the Rasa X pod name
  POD=$(kubectl --namespace "${DEPLOYMENT_NAMESPACE}" get pod -l app.kubernetes.io/component=rasa-x -o name)

  # shellcheck disable=SC2016
  # Check the Rasa X health endpoint to be sure that the deployment is ready and the Rasa X is fully operational
  # The Rasa X health endpoints returns status 200 if the rasa-production and rasa-worker services are ready
  # The endpoint is checked inside of the rasa x pod in order to avoid dependency on an ingress configuration
  kubectl --namespace "${DEPLOYMENT_NAMESPACE}" \
    exec "${POD}" -- /bin/bash -c 'curl -s localhost:$SELF_PORT/api/health | grep "\"status\":200"' &> ${REDIRECT}