Rasa X Install stalled

Hi: I am looking for some help in installing rasa X on a new ubuntu VM using the quick install script. I am using an account on the sudoer list. Do I need to run the install script as root?

The install just stalls with the rotating icon. I did stop and restart it, and added sudo as a prefix to the line but it is still stalling.

In looking at kubectl get pods, I can see that the restart counts rasa x and the db migration service are increasing, so I am assuming something is stuck. Any attempts to pull logs show “Illegal instruction (core dumped)”. I tried deleting the namespace as another article mentioned, but it was stuck at terminating so I restored the VM to a previous snapshot, but the install is still stalled, unless it does take a while to complete. Many thanks for any help you can provide.

EDIT: the new VM has Ubuntu 20.04 installed. Would this be the problem?

Hi @pineapplecake, sorry for the late response. Did you use this command to install curl -s get-rasa-x.rasa.com | sudo bash? That should be using root permission.

And could you share the specs of the VM? And how long does the install stall for?

Hi yes, I used that command, and the installer has stalled for hours. As mentioned, it appears all the components installed, but it is failing to start. I suspect it is due to AVX not being enabled. I also tried the docker method, which completes, but does not start up. It is Ubuntu 20.04, 100GB, 8GB RAM. Thanks for the help.