How long does rasa x server install script take?

Trying to install rasa x server on a clean ubuntu machine. downloaded the script and ran it but it just says “deploying rasa x” and has been stuck for 30 minutes. How long does it take?

@simonm3 What method you are using to install rasa x on Ubuntu Server Machine? can you share the error screenshot please.

I used the quick install one liner from the docs. No screen shot as I shutdown the machine now but it was a clean AWS ubuntu 20 spot instance. It did some stuff first then got stuck. I guess it should not pause for that long. Will try with bigger machine tomorrow.

@simonm3 no worries, I guess you using this Quick-Installation ok, do let me know when you come back on machine.

Yes it happens sometimes. You can stop it with Ctrl+C and make sure everything is running with kubectl get pods --namespace rasa.

Most of the time it works. If it doesn’t, delete the namespace with kubectl delete --namespace rasa and run the quick-install script again.

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