Rasa X Latest and Raspberry Pi 4B

I’ve successfully got Rasa X running on a windows machine, but I’m trying to get running on a Raspberry Pi 4B. I’m having no luck. I’ve tried Docker, Quick Installation, and Local Mode on Raspbian and Ubuntu Server 20.04, but nothing seems to work properly. Every avenue leads me to an eventual odd error that I can’t figure out how to get around.

There’s a couple of solutions for Rasa X 1.x out there, but has anyone successfully installed and booted up Rasa X 2.x on a Raspberry Pi (and/or in my case the 4B version)? Happy to tackle this with people via this thread.

Hi, i know it old thread . Had anyone had tried installing Rasa 2.X onto Rasberry Pi 4 ?

wondering the same thing! any news on this?