RASA X 0.26.3 Support for Windows OS

Hi RASA X Team,

In RASA X Docs mentions Windows and MacOS are not currently supported. We are looking for RASA X on premises windows server, is there any possibility to support RASA X for windows OS.

What is the latest version of the RASA X supports Windows OS machine.

Thanks for your help! Thanks, Sowjanya

@Sowjanya I have some good news, we updated our docs to include instructions for windows. Take a look here: Docker-Compose Manual Install

It’s not part of an official release yet, which is why it’s not visible on the default docs.

In addition, can you close all the VS Code instances and then make sure no dangling cpptools processes still exist (kill those if they do). And also if you do a Reset IntelliSense Database, do you see any “tag parsing” messages that don’t result in the error message? Sarkari Result Pnr Status

hi @hakeji, I think your comment might have landed on the wrong forum post - can you confirm?

Thank you Akela for responding quickly. In the Manual Install it says to “Make sure that you can run Linux containers” why does we need it is it really necessary to make sure this pointer?

Please suggest!