Rasa on raspberry Pi

Hi there I was wondering if anybody but got rasa nlu and rasa x working on a raspberry Pi 4 kubernetes cluster? I have 3 raspberry Pi 4s all 8gb attached in a cluster. Any feedback is appreciated

Hi @sks8100. People have successfully used Rasa Open Source on raspberry Pis in the past. However, I have not heard of anyone doing it with the latest versions. Here are some links to check out:

Hi sks8100, i only manage to run rasa on Raspbian Buster 10 using docker image from GitHub - koenvervloesem/rasa-docker-arm: Rasa Docker image for ARMv7. Runs on a Raspberry Pi. but it is an old version of rasa 1.10.26 and i also did a tested on rasa 2.X it is not working due to many dependecies changes (you can refer to GitHub Issues)

@tyd I would to ask is the rasa-sdk image(currently using sdk ver 1.10.3) was builded not compatible for raspberry Pi too ?