Rasa x gets stuck with an old git repo

Version: Rasa X 0.39.3 Hi, I tried to change many times the git repo to which rasa x was connected but I don’t know why it got stuck with the verious git repo to which it has been connected. Thank u in advance !!

@GDrasa is that rasa x is running on server with this version? can you share the error screenshot?

Thankd @nik202 for your reply !!

to correct my previous post I wanted to say ‘got stuck with the previous repo, which is the very first repo in my case.’

To answer your question, yes it is running on a server. I installed Rasa X in a scalable cluster environment using Kubernetes, following this guide: guide Rasa X version is 0.39. and don’t have an error but when I check data on Rasa X (the UI) it’s completely different from the data which is in the actual git repo (to which Rasa X is connected). The data is related to the very first repo to which I connected Rasa X and even if I connect to other git repos nothing happens. It’s just got stuck with the first version!!

Thank you in advance.

@GDrasa Right, so you need to create the new deploy key for your current project repo (Note: Which as you mention its showing the older (first repo) delete all the deploy key), delete all the deploy key from the Github Settings and try connect again, pull and push. OR

Create a fresh repo of the project, connect the repo using deploy key. PS: I hope you are using SSH key? I hope this should solve your issue.

If you face some issue please tag me :slight_smile:

Thanks again @nik202 for your quick reply !!

This is exactly what I’ve done !! but it didn’t work !!

I’d like to confirm that I am using an SSH key.

Do you think that it is because of the fact that the first way I cerated the key was a global public SSH key and not the deploy key related to certain git project ? but anyway I deleted all the keys, created a new one but it doesn’t work. So weird !!

@GDrasa Really, it’s weird on for sure bro! If you can wipe out everything from the server and install it again then it will be the only solution I guess.


@GDrasa Just create the new repo with new account and then try to connect with Rasa X? What you say?

@GDrasa You have to create with SSH Key and under Deploy key only and only.

@nik202 Honestly I didn’t try these solutions !! I will try them out ASAP and I will let you know !! thanks again :wink: !!

You have to create with SSH Key and under Deploy key only and only.

@nik202 great !! take this in note !!