RasaX not syncing with github repo


I connected my rasaX server with my remote repository. However, rasaX has not picked up the config, domain files, etc. from my repo?

The structure of my repo is from “rasa init”. and it did work fine the last time I connected with rasaX in my last AWS instance. I just moved to new instance so I am trying to set it up again.

What kinds of things should I consider regarding this matter?


@Duy-Cung Right, please confirm few things for me:

  1. Currently your Github repo is connected with Rasa X and If you push the changes its showing vice-versa?
  2. If you have created a new instance, did you created the new SSH Deploy key or you are using the same Deploy key which you had used for previously?

Solution: If you have moved to a new instance and previous instance is not required, I’d recommend to delete the older deploy key and generate the new key, I guess this will solve your issue.

I hope this will solve your issue. Good Luck!

Thanks a lot, Nik.

  1. Github is ,indeed, connected with Rasa X. However, the configuration of Rasa X is much different from what it should be in my Github. And, in case I push any changes, they are not shown in Rasa X.

  2. SSH deploy key is newly generated.

I had a similar problem where I couldn’t sync the github repo. It was due to a wrongly formated YAML file. I suggest you check your files with yamlchecker.com to make sure they are fine.

Hope that helps

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@Duy-Cung Yes, you will not find actions.py and domain.yml. It should reflect both the sides if you update any training example in Rasa X it will reflect in Github to and Vice-versa. Can you be more specific in which files you are pushing the changes?

Always mention @ and nik202 for faster response.

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