Git creds not working to connect with Rasa X server

Hi @nik202 I’m trying to connect my rasa x with my github repo. My Rasa X server is over an nginx Nodeport service, so basically I’m using a Kubernetes cluster node’s IP address with a port number to see my rasa x dashboard in my browser.

I’ve pushed my code to a github repo that is private. Now, I’m trying to connect rasa x with this repo but it gives me the following error -

I’ve also added the SSH public key in my github and still this error is being shown. Need help!!

@webdev-rohit I hope you followed all the mentioned steps as shown in rasa doc: Deploy Your Assistant

I hope this will help and solve your issue. If not do tag me back.

A common mistake I see: Make sure your branch is called “master” not “main”

Yep, I’ve checked my branch. It is master only. @ChrisRahme

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@webdev-rohit I guess you have solved this issue, is that right?

No @nik202 , I just informed Chris that my branch is master only. Still I’m unable to connect

@webdev-rohit ok. Some step which I would like you performed again.

Step1: Disconnet the Github or Git from Rasa X
Step2: Delete the deploy keys
Step3: Restart the Rasa X 
Step4: Connect the Rasa X with Github again

Do let me know.

Hi @ChrisRahme I did this. But one thing I didn’t mention is that I’m using a nodeport IP instead of a loadbalancer. So, is this what’s affecting the scenario here?