Rasa X on Server mode

Hello everyone

I installed the Rasa X server and I connected to my GIT repository. I loaded a Model last night and when I came back to my desk this morning the web interface of Rasa X seems to be disconnect from my server and actually from my GIT repository. I’m using GITHUB . ¿Is there a way to tell Rasa X to not logging off?

Just starting CD/CI cycle with real users…

Thanks in advance

Hi @wvalverde67, that sounds strange and like a bug. What version of Rasa X are you running? If you do a hard refresh (cmd + shift + R) does the git connection come back?

Or, what do you actually mean by the web interface being disconnected from your server? maybe i’m not understanding that correctly. Can you still open the UI?

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Hello Ella

Thanks for your answer and unfortunately my English it’s so bad :-). I had to uninstall Rasa X Server and I proceeded with Rasa X stand-alone version and everything it’s working.

In the near future, I will try again with the Rasa X server and let you know. I think I didn’t synchronize my GIT repository with the Rasa X server properly.

Come back later!!!