Blank page when trying to access Rasa X chat UI

(Louis) #1

Hi guys,

I’m trying to familiarized myself with Rasa X and i’m having some problems. When I try to access some of the tabs on the UI I will simply get a blank page. This will happen for nlu training_data, stories and talk with bot tab. Anyone has been having similar problems? My bot seems to be working because I can use my old UI to interact with it and the conversations will be recorded.


(Louis) #2

For people running into the same problem. The issue was with firefox, it is now working when using chrome.

(Samuel Gaus) #3

Hey! Sam from the Rasa team here. I actually primarily develop on Firefox so this is surprising! Could you try wiping your local storage and trying again?

(Louis) #4

Hi Sam, I tried again with firefox for you and still get a blank page when trying to interact with the bot even after clearing localStorage.