Conversations history not recorded

I’m not sure if this is a bug or works as designed. If I run rasa x and use the api to hold a conversation then I get that in the Conversations section of the Rasa UI.

If I run rasa run cors='*' and hold a conversation and then return to rasa x then these conversations are not recorded.

Is this normal behaviour?

this doesn’t sound right @nickopris . What do you mean by “hold a conversation”? Are you using the 'talk" view? Your own conversation won’t show up in the ‘conversations’ tab, only in the ‘talk’ view.

My chatbot is running on an intranet site connecting via the api to Rasa.

If I start Rasa x like this: rasa run cors='*' the conversations are not recorded.

If I start Rasa x like this: rasa x cors='*' the conversations are recorded.

I have the same question, are there any ideas on that? Where is conversation history stored?