Conversations and Interactive Learning Bug in Rasa - X

Rasa Open-Source Version: 1.10.16, 1.10.17, 1.10.18

Rasa-X Version: 0.32.2 Rasa-SDK: 1.10.2

The chat conversations are not getting stored in “Conversations”. Also, “Talk to your bot (Interactive Learning)” and " Share your assistant with Guest Testers" are not working.

Hi Akhil,

It looks like you have a compatibility issue:

Rasa X 0.32.2 is compatible with Rasa Open Source 1.10.14 and Rasa SDK 1.10.2.

If the problem persists after that change, it’d be helpful to have the logs. The method to get those depends on your type of deployment. So if this continues to be an issue and you need assistance retrieving the logs please specify your deployment type.

Hi @kearnsw,

Thank you for the info. WIth Rasa Open-Source 1.10.14, Rasa X 0.32.2 is working fine.

I had followed this Compatibility Matrix. I guess the docs haven’t been updated yet.