Rasa ui

Hello there , i want to create a frontend to deploy my sample chatbot …any idea like how can change the front end an all of rasa sample bot

Hey @Beherasaptami, check this it will help you



hey @JiteshGaikwad how can i integrate this code with rasa …any suggestions will be heplful ,thanyou

Hey @Beherasaptami. You can sue Webchat or Chatroom widgets for your Rasa assistant. We have some documentation on the here: Your Own Website

thanks @Juste and @JiteshGaikwad

Hi All, I want to add restart button in custom ui like near type a message want to create one button for restart when user hit on that button it will restart the conversation .any suggestions like how can i do that .

hey @JiteshGaikwad , I tried this rasa ui but some times m not getting proper response from bot i am getting default msg [msg = ‘I couldn’t get that. Let’s try something else!’]accroding to the js maybe its getting val as 0 …it should not get val as 0 but the the same conversation is working fine in rasa x and rasa interactive …am i missing something …and one more thing to ask like if i want to arrange buttons and all then how can i do that like want restart button in UI

hey @Beherasaptami, can you share the screenshot of the browser console logs of the error?

I guess its not filling slots properly

that’s why its throwing error its retriving length as 0 but it should retrive as 1 but these response are working fine with rasa x

hey @Beherasaptami, I see you are testing with different utterances in custom ui & rasa-x,

  • what I understand from the screenshot_1 is that rasa has failed to get the response for the utterance THE GOOD LIAR and since there was no response from array, you got that error response in the ui
  • while in rasa-x, I see you have passed something else and its working fine with that.

no not like that its working properly

you can see

ya I agree with that but you are sending the message as /movies_chosen_byuser{"movie":"THE GOOD LIAR"} and its working with that but can you test in rasa-x by just passing the text as THE GOOD LIAR and check whether its working fine?

actually i have movie options as buttons and i need to choose any one from the options when i hit on anyone in rasa it will directly show like this i guess this is the syntax which i pass in my action file buttonsz = [{“title”:cinema, “payload”: ‘/area_byuser {“area”: "’ +cinema+ ‘"}’}]

so you can do the same in that custom ui using buttons.

where i can do that …can you give me some hints

the custom ui support buttons, you can need to just tweak it bit more in the js code to send the message as you are sending in rasa-x:

adding this thread for your reference,

in Rasa ui i havent add anything but its comming in buttons format and for few its filling slots but for few it is not filling

will try this and let you know if i got stuck anywhere

hey @JiteshGaikwad i was figuring out like whats the error but i couldn’t and even for slots its working fine with rasa interactive but when i try to run this using ui then m getting previous slot values …how we can trigger the slots value in js file …for your refrence m attaching scrrenshot

its retriving value as 0 thats why its showing default msg