Restart in rasa webchat

We have restart button in Rasa-X UI but in rasa webchat we have to type “/restart” to start new session. Can I provide similar button in webchat by customizing the script?

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@JiteshGaikwad can you help?

It’s documented here.

@stephens I have not found anything related to above on this page.

  - text: "Do you want to restart?"
    - title: "Yes"
      payload: "/restart"
    - title: "No"
      payload: "/deny"

@stephens To use this I have to map “action: utter_greet” in middle of the stories. I need a button as in Rasa-X to restart conversation at any point.

Ok, now I understand. I would customize the botfront rasa webchat to do this. I wrote a blog post about the available widgets for Rasa.

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