Rasa Custom UI Updates

(JG) #1

Hi all, I have added support for Buttons & Images, now you can test the UI with buttons & Images :slight_smile:

Note: It works only with Rest Input Channel, for more details head on to Chat & Voice platforms

Demo :

Do check it out and any suggestions are welcomed :wink:

(Robert blanco) #2

hello @JiteshGaikwad i have a issue what´s is the number of buttons which supports your UI

REGARDS :wink:

(JG) #3

hey @Robert14 as of now i haven’t tested how much buttons it supports yes but i can tell you that it supports the buttons present in your training data, i mean the buttons json data returned by the rasa rest input channel api

(Robert blanco) #4

right, thank you a lot for your UI, Im going to test it

(JG) #5

sure welcome, do test it out, if it supports the number of buttons you want

(Robert blanco) #6

hello @JiteshGaikwad i have a issue and a really aprecciate if you can help me,

see, i test the ui in localhost and it works perfectly but, when i tried to connect to my bot in a web site i don´t have response,

(Ajinkz) #7

@JiteshGaikwad thanks for your work. but still confused what things we can do using buttons