Not getting any reply from the bot on custom frontend with buttons

Hello @nik202 ,

  1. I am able to connect to the RASA sever with the Frontend.

  2. But my code contains Buttons ,when they are getting triggered , I am not getting any reply from the bot and even i am not getting any other response also . (like i am uising buttons when the user type any wrong message it will show you that i can assist you with the following things in that time the buttons are triggered.) can you please tell me what can be done for that.



Great. I know you will do it :slight_smile: can you first close this thread as a solution and then will proceed with the second 2 as it’s not related to the main issue. Thanks.

Ok, then what is your frontend ravi ? can you share some code for my reference?

Thanks @nik202 For your Support and the solutions which you have provided had the solved the issues of connecting with the frontend.

@Ravi13 no worries ravi :slight_smile:

Share with me the details and some code and errors regarding the button and frontend you are using?

@nik202 Please find the frontend code Frontend (1.2 KB)

@Ravi13 Ok you are using Scalable Minds chat widget, can I asked why because it have speechRecognition or are you flexible to use any other available widget? Confirm with me that rasa server is running on port 5008 ?

@nik202 Yes I am flexible to use any other available widget , No i have changed it to port 5005. and it is working on it. when we are interacting with it.

@Ravi13 then what is the issue? me confused now?

@nik202 Like i have created buttons (when the user types any wrong message then the button will give 4 buttons so that use can select it one option from it.) But when the user is type wrong message(like sdjfhjkasdhfajkh, or any wrong message) it is not responding after that. and even i am not able to see the buttons on the screen. Sorry for the confusion. Hope so i am able to explain it this time :sweat_smile:

@Ravi13 share me some screenshot please and bot/user conversation


Please Find the Below Code Snippet.

@Ravi13 I guess for me it’s not the code snippet :upside_down_face: it’s the execution output, can you share the domain.yml how you are mentioning the buttons? I guess you want to trigger the buttons for fallback?

@nik202 Please check your mail.

@Ravi13 as discussed for the custom button used as default fallback, please see this demo code:


  - get_started
  - welcome_message
  - main_menu


    - buttons:
        - payload: /x
          title: x
        - payload: /y
          title: y
        - payload: /z
          title: z
      text: Select the topic or write your question below.

    - buttons:
        - payload: /main_menu
          title: Main Menu
      text: I'm sorry, I didn't quite get you? Please try again..


 - story: main_menu
      - intent: main_menu
      - action: utter_menu

@Ravi13 I hope this will help you, do share me the update :slight_smile: good luck.

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Hey there,

I am also facing the somehow same problem. I have created three buttons. 1. Raise a ticket 2. create new registration 3. create new course.

All three buttons working fine when i am testing it in terminal. But when i am integrating my bot with frontend locally, only 2 buttons are giving response. ‘create new registration’ button not working.

Please help me with this issue. How can i resolve it