Rasa Custom UI v_2.0

Hi All,

I had create custom UI for Rasa and this is the newer which I had created, you can check it out here :



Thanks. :slight_smile:

(Edit: This repo has been archived and updated with the new repo: GitHub - JiteshGaikwad/Chatbot-Widget)

hi, @JiteshGaikwad. Thanks for your sharing on the rasa bot custom UI. The chatbot UI run smoothly on Google Chrome but when I use Edge, it show error.

Is there any suggestion so that I can fix this problem?:grinning:

Hey @minchilow, I need to check that on edge, will test it and let you know

@JiteshGaikwad Appreciate for your help

hey @minchilow, I tested it on edge and I too faced the same problem and the problem exists at Edge.

Hey @JiteshGaikwad Does your UI support multiple buttons options? For example if user want to select multiple button in a form action and that gets saved into a List slot.??

@pranay_raj, no. it only supports single selection.

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@JiteshGaikwad Could you help me or direct me as to what and where i should include to take multiple selections in your UI Thanks for immediate response,much appreciated.

I don’t know whether it’s possible to achieve multiple selection within buttons, but you can update the UI to support multiple selection just like Multi-select menus, If I get time I will try to update the code

hey @JiteshGaikwad have you any idea about Auto suggestion intent / question in UI ?

I am facing some below mentioned issues while using your widget:

  • While allowing the bot to start the convo, I always recieve a fallback msg as a reponse but during the second response it works fine(screenshot uploaded for the same)

  • If the bot is showing multiple responses from rasa server, it doesn’t show them one by one, for eg: if there are 3 response it show bot typing and then all the 3 response at the same time, How can I show them one by one?rasaforum1


@JiteshGaikwad please help me regarding the above issue

@HakimuddinChundawada @JiteshGaikwad.

I’m also facing a similar issue…

I have a story like this…

- FormAction (fills 2 slots)
- utterance ("Checking in local DB")
- action_check_local_db (Sql query. This takes 3-4 seconds)
- utterance("Making an API Call)
- action_api (This takes 1-2 seconds)

After the form is filled, ideally the messages in UI should be displayed one after another like this.

  1. The dispatcher.utter_message in submit part of the form action
  2. Utterance (“Checking in local DB”)
  3. The ... (time delay) for action_check_local_db (3-4)
  4. utterance("Making an API Call)
  5. The ... (time delay) for action_api (1-2)

But, as soon as the form is filled, I am getting ... (time delay of 3-4 secs) and all the messages are displayed at once in the UI.

I checked with interactive learning and its working as expected, but not in UI.

@JiteshGaikwad, could you please help me with this?

Thank you sharing @JiteshGaikwad, How to sent proactive message like if user open or click the chatbot. It should start the conversation with greet message. Can you please guide me to do it

can you please share how to add your ui to a rasa script

Hi, any solution you were able to find?

Hi, any update on this, did you tried any multiple select menu approach?