RASA-UI setup on Windows 10💻

(Jitesh Gaikwad) #1

Rasa UI is a web application built on top of, and for, Rasa NLU. Rasa UI provides a web application to quickly and easily be able to create agents, define intents and entities. It also provides some convenience features for Rasa NLU, like training your models, monitoring usage or viewing logs.

:grinning: source : GitHub - paschmann/rasa-ui: Rasa UI is a web application for the Rasa NLU backend

(Datisto) #2

I want to use rasa ui together with a webchat like the rasa webchat. Do you know how can use this to log messages coming from the webchat?

(Jitesh Gaikwad) #3

hey @datistiquo watch this video it will help you to integrate rasa with custom ui :

(Datisto) #4

Thanks, but I want to use it with rasa ui, not just rasa with a custom channel. So these three parties.