Is there any Rasa UI

is there any Rasa UI like dialogflow where i can create intents, entities and responses

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Check this.

thanks @ kothiyayogesh i knew that Rasa NLU we can visualize and see intents and entities, what im asking is is there any complete UI like dialogflow where we can create intent entities and responses there itself. upto Rasa NLU we can visualize and see but again we need to perform Rasa core to train and get the responses.

check GitHub - paschmann/rasa-ui: Rasa UI is a web application for the Rasa NLU backend

im trying this GitHub - samtecspg/articulate: A platform for building conversational interfaces with intelligent agents (chatbots)

1.Is that performing both Rasa NLU + Rasa core ?

  1. What is the api to send and receive messages from my react project ?

  2. Can i get response from bot other than text, like custom payload in dialogflow, where we can send response as object

  3. can i use mysql instead of PostgreSQL

We also have our Rasa Platform, if you’re interested in that please contact our sales team :slight_smile:

I’m working on my bot and on the site I created simple ui for editing intents and stories, also it logs all the messages for you so it make testing a bit easyer.


There are two commercial UI’s to manage the complete RASA Stack (NLU and Core) in one tool: The Rasa Plattform itself (as mentioned above) and the JAAI Agent platform Features and prices can be found on the website.

For those of you interested by a platform to create, train, analyze, deploy and maintain your RASA NLU models you can try Botgen Platform.


Demo video: YouTube

Would love to hear your feedback!

Hey @datistiquo,

It seems that this repo is working on older versions of rasa, Will it work for RASA stack… anyone who knows?


Hi, we have developed an open source tool (GUI) for training RASA bots (which include creating intents, entities, responses and stories). Try it out. :slightly_smiling_face:

Link is here GitHub - navigateconsulting/virtual-assistant: Virtual Assistant

I would recommend Botfront. Excellent work!