Building an Interface for my Rasa Chatbot

Hi everyone,

I have a working login system and a rasa chatbot in rasa shell. I now would like to build a simple compatible UI for my rasa chatbot. To be blunt I am unsure of where to begin as I don’t have much software development background although I know how to code since I solve Mathematical/Algorithmic problems in code.

I have tried rasa webchat widget: GitHub - botfront/rasa-webchat: A feature-rich chat widget for Rasa and Botfront , but a widget is not what I am looking for, I am looking for a full screen chat gui similar to what you would find on or the Rasa X interface. Any suggestions? I was thinking of linking Rasa X (the customer testing interface) to my login screen.

If it means anything, this is not for a commercial product but for research, I am more interested in Machine Learning theory that Rasa uses to power the contextual AI assistant, but for the sake of making it presentable I would like an Interface to accompany it.

Thanks for reading.

If you just need to share it with test users, using the Rasa X “share your bot” link is definitely the easiest way to get a UI out to people.

If you need to embed it in a website you’re going to have to find a different solution. The “share your bot” screen isn’t something that’s embeddable.

Ok thanks, I will try to use a custom UI instead, since I probably will add my login screen, so the user needs to login before accessing the chat bot.

Did you settle on an architecture? I’m curious as I’m also running a research project and need to deal with how to present to a limited user base (invitation only) with a login front end of some form.