Rasa Staff Forum Support Update

Hey everyone,

First, we’d like to take this moment to give a huge shoutout to our many active forum members, including @nik202, @itsjhonny, @souvikg10 , @E-dC and @vio_lovis , for being so generous with their time and expertise. We would also like to extend special thanks to our community moderator and Rasa Hero, Chris Rahmé. If any other community members are interested in community moderation, please feel free to reply here.

Second, an update: As many of you know, we’ve had some changes at Rasa recently, including saying goodbye to our Head of Developer Relations, Juste. As a result, we have reduced capacity at the moment for offering support on the forums and we want to be upfront about that. We previously had an internal commitment to answer every question in a couple of days, but we’re no longer able to do that and we think that it is important to be open about the change. (And, to be honest, we haven’t been able to keep up with it for a while; you all ask so many good questions!)

What hasn’t changed is that we’re still committed to actively maintaining and improving Rasa Open Source. If you find a bug, the best way to surface is still to 1) see if it’s an existing GitHub issue and 2) if it’s not, create one for it.

We believe that the Rasa Community consists of highly skilled and creative minds and we would like to encourage everyone to help each other and share your knowledge here on the forum and we look forward to building more open source chatbot tooling with you.


Thanks @amn41 !

Every day I learn more with Rasa community! :smiley:


Thank you for the update and shoutout!

Good luck to the Rasa team, and I’m sure everyone you mentioned is doing their best to help on the forum :slight_smile:


@amn41 I would like to help with community moderation.


Thanks for letting us know :slight_smile: Now I know why many of my questions haven’t been answered yet.


Interested for moderator as well as Dev Advocate position.

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I am a newbee here. trying to learn how to use Rasa for my advantage. Still been figuring out how to use some of the components and well sometime I find exiting threads for the solutions sometimes I end up figuring it out by myself using trial and error.

This is a real good growing committed community I would happy to be a part of.

Thank you guys


Thanks @amn41 and I would be happy to help with community moderation.


Wow, that comes as a surprise to be mentioned by @amn41 :blush:
I am a newbie and I have experienced a lot of support here in the forum especially by nik202 & Chris Rahme, but also others (thanks :pray:) and I just try to give back whenever I stumble on a question I can answer myself. Which still doesn’t happen too often :sweat_smile:
well, learning is a process…


A post was split to a new topic: Cannot import name ‘RowProxy’ from ‘sqlalchemy.engine’

I’m assuming that some direction will be given on how to help moderate and answer questions, perhaps a link to existing policy and best-practices. If someone needs help (@fortune), they should probably create a new thread in the correct topic. Hopefully there are tools or techniques to connect the right helpers to the right topics.

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@tomp, there are already pinned posts about these guidelines, as well as guidelines in the textbox when creating a new topic.

Unfortunately, some people do not read and post messages on the wrong topic, create topics in the wrong categories, ask questions that have been answered so many times, do not mark the solution, do not correctly format code, etc.

I try my best to solve these issues when I see them, like @fortune’s post that you mentioned and that I moved from here, but I already have less than an hour of free time per day so obviously, I can’t read all the posts :slight_smile:


All makes sense. I’m still getting up to speed and will help where I have time and know how to.

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Do we need any special permissions to become an “official” helper on the forum?

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As Alan said in this post, you just need to mention here that you’re interested, and the Rasa team should get in touch with you :slight_smile:


Indeed thanks for the update :smiley:

I did use the forum quite a while ago, being very satisfied. But than I could find answers to my issues anymore, and reactions to my posts seems to dry.

One reason could be, that my company still has not decide on Rasa yet, so I’,m stille using Rasa X with Rasa OS and SDK 2.6

I think a forum brings people together: Rasa users, rasa developers and Rasa company.

So I’m aware of a forum should not only be responsibility of the company, as far as it Rasa open source concerns, but also of us, the users.

Nevertheless: glad that Rasa isstill up and cicking! Was a little bit afraid Rasas success slowed down furthr investigations :innocent: