Update to the community Code of Conduct

Hey Rasa @community!

As our community grows and evolves, we have to make sure that we maintain our forum as a safe space for respectful interaction. :handshake:

Therefore, we would like to inform everyone that we have updated our community Code of Conduct, you can give it a fresh look here. Additionally, here are some tips on how to ask a great question to help speed up the process.

If you have any questions or feedback on this, feel free to get in touch via our forum or email us at community@rasa.com. :slightly_smiling_face:


This is excellent and updates to CoC are always welcome. I’m thinking of the recent debacle in the ReactJS community - the aftermath had the community leaders partially blaming lack of effective ‘enforcement’ of the CoC - and also adoption by the wider community.

How will we, as a community, ensure the CoC is adhered to - we should think about the worst case and plan for that as a start maybe?


Hi @mlennox thank you for sharing your feedback on the updates!

That’s a great question, as a community leader it would be good practice to:

  • Give the community week or two to familiarize with the updated CoC, and remind each other of the CoC in case you see that a discussion is veering in the wrong direction.
  • Actively use the flagging feature to bring misconduct to the attention of the moderation team.
  • For repeated incidents or severe cases, make sure to flag it, but also feel free to escalate it directly to us at community@rasa.com
  • Share your feedback and bring to our attention areas you think we should improve on, especially if you feel that the CoC is not being adopted by the wider community.
  • In the long-term, if you come across a community member that is exceptionally helpful who you think would be great at supporting the Rasa community and our goal, you can refer them to us as a potential moderator.

I have to say, from I have seen so far we have an incredible welcoming and respectful community, we just need to focus on maintaining it as we grow - so we really appreciate that you have this in mind. :slight_smile:

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