Introducing our Forum Moderators!

Greetings Rasa @community,

We are glad to introduce our Forum Moderators. Let’s know more about them, and appreciate their time for the Rasa community.

Thomas Packer(@tomp) is a lead data scientist , he has also earned a PhD in computer science and have been working as a software engineer and data scientist, focusing mostly on NLP, in several different industries since the 1990’s.

Chris Rahmé(@ChrisRahme) has been an active member, and have become Community Moderator with one of the highest solution counts. He is currently doing Computer & Communication (Software) Engineering with Masters in Artificial Intelligence.

Rohit Ghumare(@rohitg00) is a Developer advocate at, He is also a community evangelist and founder of DevOps/DevRel communities.

Anoop Sharma( @anoopshrma) is a fullstack engineer in a fintech based company. He is currently working in the field of conversational AI and NLP.

We would also like to extend our warm welcome to community members, to reach out at [email protected], If they want to join as Forum moderators and dedicate two hours weekly on the Forum.



:star_struck: Congrats on all new moderators! Just sent an email, would love to contribute!


Hello Sonam!

How can I contribute to the moderation of the forum?

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Kindly send a mail at [email protected]. Then we can schedule a 10 mins meeting.

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