Forum Category Update [06.07.21]

Hi everyone,

Our community is always evolving, and to accommodate that we have done a little rework of our forum categories and layout. :slight_smile:

Some areas have been moved or replaced. Here is a little directory of the new sections marked with a :star:, including some insight into why we made these changes:

Welcome to the Rasa Forums

  • Introduce Yourself
  • Code of Conduct
  • Forum FAQ


  • Rasa Events
  • Important Events
  • :star: Release Announcements: is now part of our Announcements section (moved from Rasa Open Source). Here we will keep you informed on our latest releases, share new and/or experimental features from both Rasa Open Source and Rasa X.

Rasa Open Source

  • Feedback on Rasa Open Source

Rasa X

  • Feedback on Rasa X

Getting Started with Rasa

  • :star: Tutorials. Resources & Media: We will not only use this area to share tutorials and useful resources, but we now also encourage you to share your videos and live streams on Rasa! We will also post updates and series premiers from our Youtube channel in this section.
  • Rasa Workshop Support
  • Rasa Masterclass

We also have two new sections:

:star: Contributing to Open Source

  • :star: Contributing to the Rasa Codebase: Find guidance on contributing to our codebase
  • :star: Community Groups & Events: share your local meetup groups, events, workshops or community group channels here to be entered into our contributor program!
  • :star: Collaboration & Testing Requests: Like to work together with a fellow community member on a bot? Need help testing your bot? This is the perfect place to make requests.

:star: Jobs in Conversational AI

  • :star: Jobs at Rasa: here we will post updates on our open positions at Rasa. Only Rasa staff can create posts in this section.
  • :star: Conversational AI Industry Jobs: you can post your industry related job openings to the community.