Rasa bot does not respond to facebook messages

Rasa version: Name: rasa-core Version: 0.11.12

Hello, I have set up the messenger platform to use it with rasa facebook channel but when I send a message to the bot, the rasa server is not getting the request. The webhook is configured and accepted. I am using ngrok to test. I got the telegram channel working but facebook just don´t respond.

This is the configuration of my webhook:

How i run the server. I haver run it from python but doesn’t work neither.

I got ngrok running in the same port as rasa:

Also, according to this mesage, can I test the bot from a messenger chat?

@leonardoaii71 I am having the exact same issue. Did you find a solution to this?


Did you got your webhook working? Are you using ngrok?

Well, I think my issue was that I was talking to the facebook’s developer account chat instead of the page’s chat that my webhook was subscribed to. Before I realized it, I created tester roles in the facebook’s apps admin page because only developers and testers are able to interact with the chat. So, verify that your webhook is working and you got the permissions to use it.

I am also facing the same problem.

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Did you publish the app? If you are still in development mode, are the users talking to your bot admins, developers or testers of your Facebook app?

Hi Nicolas Beuchat, I have the same issue and my users talking to the bot is admins.