Didn't get any response from Facebook Messenger

(Abhishak Varshney) #1

Hi All,

I am facing issue during deploying my bot on facebook messenger. I created Page from my own FB Id and it’s working for me and I make it public but somehow except me bot is not responding to anyone. Can you please help me the possible issues?

And one more thing it is not showing rasa - buttons also.

(Abhishak Varshney) #2

Resolved !!

Facebook take some time to review app. Keep Patience.

(Arun Kumar) #3

@abhishakskilrock Can you tell me how did you connect your bot to Facebook? I did everything from the documentation and I am using ngrok to create my local server and configure my webhook with it. But I don’t see my bot in my page anywhere! Please help.

(Abhishak Varshney) #4

Is ngrok working now a days? I came to know that ngrok has deprecated.

(Abhishak Varshney) #5

Is there any message option on your page?

(Arun Kumar) #6

@abhishakskilrock Yes, ngrok is working fine. But I got it working, it seems I had to review my bot and Facebook takes some time to do it. But I am currently doing it by running the command:

python3 -m rasa_core.run -c facebook -d models/dialogue -u models/default/healthbot --port 5002 --endpoints endpoints.yml --credentials credentials.yml

Is there a way to do this using Python script? I used FacebookInput but it doesn’t seem to work. P.S. The command is working fine

(Abhishak Varshney) #7

Yeah, If you want to test your bot you can do it without reviewing it on FB and yes you can run python code to run it just add

channel = BotServerInputChannel(agent, port=5056)
fb_channel = FacebookInput(fb_verify="",fb_secret="",fb_access_token="")

In your agent.

(Arun Kumar) #8

@abhishakskilrock Thanks, but can you tell from where to import BotServerInputChannel() function. I can’t seem to find it in Rasa. Can you help?

(Abhishak Varshney) #9

Ohh, I apologise I pasted my code. Actually import BotServerInputChannel() is for Website channel which is addon provided by scalableminds . You want to use only FB channel so you can start with fb_channel with this line.

(Arun Kumar) #10

OK thanks a lot. I figured it out :slight_smile: