Creating a chatbot in Facebook

I’m new to Rasa, newer still to Facebook for developers. Can someone please point me to a step-by-step guide on creating a simple messaging bot app on Facebook, and then linking this to my trained, server-based Rasa bot? I can’t work out how to do it from the Rasa documentation. Thanks in advance.

Where on Facebook do I create the bot? I’ve read the documentation several times already, but I can’t work out how to do it.

Please read the documentation I linked, you can see there that the correct url is /webhooks/facebook/webhook

The URL couldn’t be validated. Callback verification failed with the following errors: HTTP Status Code = 302; HTTP Message = Found

have you started your server yet with a connection to facebook?

Sorry to necro, but I am getting the same problem. I have the server running, routed through a permanent ngrok instance. I changed my credentials.yml to include my secret, token and verify under the 'facebook: ’ header. Are there any other steps that I may have missed here? Have been through the docs a fair bit now

have you managed to set the webhook as in the screenshot above?

I had done so yeh. Solved it last night, i was using ngrok -subdomain. This terminates tls ssl traffic. I changed it to -hostname for a reserved domain and got it working :slight_smile:

hi @RarCeth can you tell me how did you fix it ? thank you