Facebook no bot response


I built a slack bot with rasa core and nlu and it is working fine. I can easily process user input. But when I tried the same process with facebook channel, my rasa facebook app is not responding if some user say any thing in page messenger.

My webhook is working fine. > > se ‘load(stream, Loader=ruamel.yaml.Loader)’ explicitly if that is OK. > Alternatively include the following in your code: > > import warnings > warnings.simplefilter(‘ignore’, ruamel.yaml.error.UnsafeLoaderWarning) > > In most other cases you should consider using ‘safe_load(stream)’ > data = yaml.load(stream) > - - [2018-11-16 10:52:50] “GET /webhooks/slack/webhook?hub.mode=subscribe& hub.challenge=343235800&hub.verify_token=rasa-bot HTTP/1.1” 404 342 0.005916 > - - [2018-11-16 10:53:51] “GET /webhooks/facebook/webhook?hub.mode=subscribe&hub.challenge=923059630&hub.verify_token=rasa-bot HTTP/1.1” 200 124 0.001723

and here is my server script.

nlu_interpreter = RasaNLUInterpreter('./models/default/model_20181116-102101')
action_endpoint = EndpointConfig(url="http://localhost:5055/webhook")
agent = Agent.load('./models/dialogue', interpreter=nlu_interpreter, action_endpoint=action_endpoint)

credentials = yaml.load(open('./credentials.yml'))
fb_access_token = credentials['facebook']['verify']
fb_secret = credentials['facebook']['secret']
fb_verify = credentials['facebook']['verify']

input_channel = FacebookInput(fb_access_token=fb_access_token,fb_secret=fb_secret,  fb_verify=fb_verify)

logLevel = "DEBUG"
logfile = "log.txt"

utils.configure_file_logging(logLevel, logfile)

agent.handle_channels([input_channel], 5004, serve_forever=True)

Do I have to extend import some class to process user message. Because during slack bot, it was not needed. I am using rasa core 0.11.12 and latest rasa NLU.

I am not receiving user message in my rasa server.

Any help guys. @akelad rissner if possible can you please share some insight.


that’s a 404 error for slack, i’m surprised that’s working. please post some more logs so we can help you figure this out because right now i can’t see any other issues

Thanks for the reply. I just reconfigured the facebook app webhook and its working fine.

@rohitharitash I am kind of having the same problem. I configured the facebook webhook in their developers page. But I am not able test my bot. I used ngrok to create a localhost server and run my rasa core server in same port. But I am getting nothing. Can you please help?

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