How to Connect to Front end with Custom UI using Flask

Hello @nik202 , Hope you are Doing Good and Fine.

I am trying to deploy my chatbot ,for that i am creating the front end part but i am confused and not getting who to trigger the rasa server and get the responses to the front end UI.

I have the file has below

Screenshot from 2022-03-01 21-12-45

Here From Text the user text will come from the fron end it will go to the response (Here i am not getting how to connect it with the Rasa code and how to integrate it with it.) and that it will through the response to the message.

here I have one more thing I have buttons also in the code of RASA so how to work with that also.

Can you Please Guide me Through This , That will be Great for me. Really need your Guidance in this.


@Ravi13 did you developed the front-end using Flask and share with me rasa --version?

  • Yes I have developed the front-end using Flask

  • Rasa Version : 2.8.1

  • Rasa SDK version : 2.8.4

  • Python Version : 3.8.12

@Ravi13 please see this blog: Integrating chatbot with website-RASA + Flask | by Ajaykumaar S | featurepreneur | Medium





I hope this is what you are looking for and hope this will help you!

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Sorry @nik202 I though this loop will be connected. From next time I will make sure I will tag you.

ok Nik I will see that Blog and If i get stuck i will tell you about it.


@Ravi13 I trust you, you will be able to run its easy peasy and please if you are able to run do close this thread. Thanks.

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