Getting response messages in backend tracker, but aren't displayed on UI of the bot

Hi all,

I am trying to set default message which should appear as we open the chat window.

For that , I am using REST channel & using this api to trigger the intent : 'http://localhost:5005/conversations/‘+chatroom.ref.props.userId+’/trigger_intent ',

which I want to be shown initially in the bot by default.

image I am getting these messages on the console of browser but nothing on the UI.

Also, above are my logs on RASA server… Whenever I open the chat window, I get this… but nothing on UI of bot…

Please help !

Thanks & Regards,

Vaidehi Deshpande

how do you send the answer?

rasa server received your intent, and predicted the correct action. I think there is a problem with the connection between rasa server and your UI

Yeah… I am not getting how do I solve that…

script.js (3.7 KB) index.html (1.8 KB)

These are my html & JS files which I am using…

sorry, cannot help you with js, I have no idea how it works

I can’t download the js file, and why you don’t use botfront for the bot ui?

I am actually using this UI…