Login page : Wrong credentials

Hi community,

I am running a Rasa X server (Rasa X version 0.19.5). After server has successfully started, I am getting a link to login. However, when I go to login page (whithout login parameters) and copy/paste the shown password, I am getting a Wrong credentials error message. How do I connect to Rasa X through the login page ? Am I missing something ?

Regards, Murat

By Rasa X Server you mean the local Rasa (rasa x) or the docker one (docker-compose up) ?

Hi Tobias, I mean the local Rasa

I am also facing similar issue. Even if I paste ditto password.

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How did you install? There was an issue with docker earlier, I remember where it was installing the enterprise, so there should actually be a user instead of root user kind of thing. They should have fixed it in the latest release, look at installing it again and follow the instructions ( I am sure you did) but there are a few edits where the community version needs a password created for home user.

The issue is not happening anymore after updating to the last Rasa X version (0.20.1)